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Andrea Dempster Chung, Founder

Go Global Art is an online art gallery – an art marketing and sales platform that connects artists around the globe with art lovers who want to collect unique art from different cultures.

Andrea Chung is a consultant and coach for creative entrepreneurs. She works closely with businesses and startups to develop winning strategies and actionable plans that help them to achieve their goals. Her passion is empowering creative entrepreneurs by enabling them to build sustainable, profitable businesses.

Andrea is a Business Coach for the Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship and ASPIRE, a charity that supports nonprofit startups in Barbados.

She is the founder of Go Global Art, an online art-marketing platform that connects artists from developing countries directly to their customers and Bookophilia, a award-winning bookstore and café, located in Kingston Jamaica.

Andrea holds a Masters degree in Structural Engineering, is certified in Project Management and has over twenty years of experience in business consulting and entrepreneurship.  She has won awards for her entrepreneurial ventures including Best Startup, Best Innovation and Best Business. Andrea has executive education from Sotheby’s School of Art in London and from the Stanford School of Business in California.

Born in Scotland to Caribbean parents, she loves to travel and has lived and worked in the UK, the USA and the Caribbean. She loves books and art and has a keen interest in projects that drive the creative economy.

Our Company

The concept is pretty simple.  We help artists to get access to new customers wherever in the world they may be.

We showcase artists whose work reflects their different cultures and life experiences, so you can be sure to find something that you love.   Because we work directly with independent artists,  the work ships directly from their studio in their home country.  Many of our artists do commissioned work, so if you have a special request for an artwork, just send us an email: info@goglobalart.com.


Press Highlights

N21 ONLINE – The Business Blog

March 16, 2016.: “As you walk around our local area do you sometimes wonder what the people who live behind the front doors do for a living? Do they commute into town? Travel to work locally or maybe work from home, as an ever larger number of people are doing these days?  One such person is Andrea Chung, who has given up her career as a structural engineer, to found a number of award winning new businesses…”  Read more here 

BRIC PLUS – The New World Magazine

September 8, 2015:  “Go Global Art has been in operation for only two months, yet has already gone some way in establishing an international presence. So far showcasing the work of promising artists from Argentina, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Kenya, Jamaica, Malaysia, Serbia and Uruguay, Go Global Art is forging its position as a purveyor of the world’s premier art from the emerging world.”   Read more here 

AFTER NYNE – The Art Magazine

August 19, 2015:  “Interest in culture and travel is essentially the backbone of Go Global and the central objective is to have the artists’ story be heard. Their background, how they grew up, the cultural, social, religious and political influences in the country – these all are fascinating and actually help the viewer to appreciate the artwork even more. I believe that artistic expression is a way for people to connect and to transcend the barriers of language and distance that that usually divide us.”    Read more here


August 18, 2015:  “Go Global Art, an art marketing platform and sales forum for the best emerging artists around the globe, has been launched in London with plans to go global.”   Read more here


August 6, 2015:  “Truly global in its outlook and operations, Go Global Art meets a real need; connecting local artists and galleries with the overseas consumers that they need to grow their business.”   Read more here 


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