Cecilia Flaten was born in 1950 in Santiago, Chile.  Also known as “The Painter of Magical Lights”, her art is inspired by Norse mythology, the midnight sun, the aurora borealis and the Arctic landscape. Her work is a perfect blend of oil and lapis lazuli pigment, mined in the Andes mountains. She creates a delicate interplay between light and shade, expressed in a restrained colour palette.


Cecilia Flaten’s father is Norwegian and although she has lived all her life in Chile, she feels very connected to Scandinavian culture. Her mother is a former prima ballerina in the Municipal Theatre company of Chile and she followed in her footsteps, pursuing a career in the arts, studying dance at the University of Chile and doing choreography for the National Ballet. She also studied theater and it was not until 1990 that she started painting.


1991-1993 was a self taught phase. Using a naive style, she created almost 150 pieces, with an original technique using cloth over canvas.  During this period, Scandinavian legends, myths, tales and fantasies were the main theme of her work.  Between 1993 and 1996, she started studying oil painting with Alejandro Liana Greve, painter and former president of the National Society of Fine Arts.  In 1994, she starts an intensive course with Master Eduardo Castillo and finished her studies with the outstanding painter Marí Eugenia Reyes (1997-1998)


Cecilia Flaten’s neo-impressionist painting is created using a development of five positions, mirroring dance, her other passion:

“In classical ballet there are five basic positions: 1a, 2a, 3a, 4a and 5a. In my interaction with the canvas and its development, there are five ways to see the flow: one-left; two-right; three-above; four-below; and the final position is number five, which is to look at the work on the ground. It is in this last position that the work indicates that it has reached its maximum expression.”




During her career in painting Cecilia Flaten has dabbled in various techniques.  Initially she created paintings in very different formats, basing the works on Scandinavian myths and legends. After a couple of years, she started working in oil, employing a very impressionistic technique, which developed what she terms the “search landscape”. From 2000 onwards, she began defining landscapes within the neo-impressionism, which would introduce the use of the pigment “lapis lazuli”(a precious stone native to Chile) which she uses in many of her works to this day.

In her 25-year career in the visual arts, Cecilia Flaten has never once regretted leaving the ballet slippers to take up the brush. Through art she has forged a international career with recognition that crosses borders and a long list of exhibitions in the major art capitals such as New York, Leipzig, Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, Paris and Rome, among others.



  • (2003) Selected and invited to participate in the Bienal de Contemporáneo de Florencia, Florence, Italy
  • (2004) Exhibition sus obras en la Galería ” Núcleo de Arte” EN Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • (2005) Exhibition sus obras en la Galería ” Agora Gallery” Soho , New York, USA.
  •  (2006) Exhibition en la Art Expo, New York, USA.
  • (2006) Exhibition en Leipzig, Art Domain Gallery, Germany
  • (2006) Exhibition Gallery World Fine Art. New York , USA
  • (2006) Exhibition Jadite Gallery, New York , USA
  • (2007) Exhibition en el Salón de Invierno de Barcelona, Spain
  • (2007) Exhibition en Espacio Cultural Pere Pruna de Barcelona, Spain.
  • (2007) Exhibition en Galería Hibisco de Lisbon, Portugal.
  • (2007) Exhibition en Galería Zero de Barcelona, Spain.
  • (2007) Exhibition en Gallery Loyd de Oslo, Norway.
  • (2008) Exhibition Galerie Thuillier París, France.
  • (2008) Exhibition Tribeca New York, USA
  • (2008) Exhibition Basílica Santi Apostoli , Rome, Italy.
  • (2008) Exhibition individual en Barcelona, Galería Almirall , Spain
  • (2010) Exhibition Ward Nasse Gallery, New York, USA
  • (2012) Art Takes Times Square (Artists Wanted) , New York, USA
  • (2012) Exhibition Art Galleries Europe, París, France
  • (2013) Exhibition Palais Schönborn (MOYA) Vienna, Austria
  • (2013) Exhibition Chelsea Old Town Hall, Londres, UK.
  • (2013) Exhibition Palacio Ca’Zanardi, Venice , Italy
  • (2013) Exhibition Palacio Legislativo , Montevideo , Uruguay
  • (2014 ) WHO’S WHO Art international Causans’s gallery Saint-Germain-des-Prés, París.
  • (2015) Exhibition Individual Artifact Gallery , New York, USA


  • Art Shopping Carrousel del Louvre , París, France ( October 2016 )
  • Gallerie Burn In , Vienna, Austria ( November 2016 )


  • (1993) First Honorable Mention – Oils Section “X Salón de Otoño” de La Sociedad Nacional de Bellas Artes.
  • (1998) Recipient of the Best Editing award  – “Instituto Odontológico Ebro”.
  • (2004) First Honourable Mention in exhibition ” Artistas Latinoamericanos” in the Gallery “Arte Expresión”, Buenos Aires.
  • (2006) First Merit in Art Expo of Nueva York
  • (2006) Medal and Certificate of Excellence Palm Award, Art Domain Gallery , Leipzig, Germany
  • (2007) Medal and Honourable Mention, Salón de Invierno de Barcelona.
  • (2008) Award of Excellence , Artoteque, Londres.
  • (2009) Gold Medal , Exposición Basílica Santi Apostoli , Roma , Italia
  • (2010) Award of Excellence , Palm Art Award , Leipzig, Alemania
  • (2012) First International Art award, “Vincent Van Gogh”, Italia 2012
  • (2012) Special Human Rights Award 2011, Generale “Giuseppe Garibaldi” Italia 2012
  • (2012) Bust with the image of Vincent Van Gogh, First Special award, Italia 2012.
  • (2012) Maestro Di Arte Visive, honorary member 2012, awarded by the Assocazione Culturale “Italia in Arte”, Italy 2012