Daniel Acosta was born on November 17, 1969  in Tucumán, Argentina.  He was educated at the National University of Fine Arts  Tucuman, Argentina where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1993. He has a varied work experience which includes teaching drawing, painting and art history, illustration and being a professional artist.


He has exhibited his works in several salons and National Competitions. Daniel has works in private collections in several countries, including; Uruguay, Guatemala, Mexico, USA, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France and Italy

artist in studio



My work has academic roots with a deep respect for classical drawing.  I also incorporate iconography and popular culture from the first half of twentieth century; art, illustration, cinema, photography and fashion.   I try to amalgamate all these influences into work that is oriented toward aesthetic hedonism as a source of feeling. My goal as an artist is to move the senses through beauty.

Some people tell me things like “when you become a famous artist …” and I smile, because I think today the word fame is overrated and I know that is not my goal. Of course I want to be recognized and respected for my work, as anyone who is good at what he does would want to be. I wish more people would appreciate my work and that I can make a living from my work. If I could dream beyond, my desire is that my work endure. It would be wonderful if my work awaken feelings in a human being after I’m gone. I see it as a form of transcendence and my personal contribution to the arts.



  • Exhibitions XIV and XV Hall Spilimbergo – Tucumán, Argentina – 1990 & 1991
  • House of Culture Dr. A. Torres – Tucumán, Argentina – 1993
  • Boarding Hall and V.I.P. Tucuman Airport – Argentina – 1993
  • Young Painting Prize Foundation Fortabat, Palais de Glace – Buenos Aires, Argentina – 1995
  • Trench Gallery, Punta del Este, Uruguay – 2003
  • Argentina Chamber of Textile Colorists – Buenos Aires, Argentina – 2004
  • Marta Zurro Gallery – Buenos Aires, Argentina – 2004
  • Palermo Viejo Painting Contest – Buenos Aires, Argentina – 2005
  • “PERIPHERAL EXHIBITION ” – Centro Cultural Borges – Buenos Aires, Argentina – 2006
  • “Ofelia” Art Gallery and Theater – Buenos Aires, Argentina – 2010
  • Painting Contest Palermo – Central Newbery Gallery – Buenos Aires, Argentina – 2013
  • Faber Castell Drawing Contest – Central Newbery Gallery – Buenos Aires, Argentina – 2015




2005 - Madonna and Child