Jeannette Canale



In my work, I use noble materials such as Semiprecious Stones that absorb , preserve, focus and issue energy with stones such as amethyst, citrine, lapis lazuli, agate, quartz, onyx, jade, hematite, etc. and Swarovski Elements that as perfect and glamorous light enhancer highlight details with their extraordinary reflection.



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By means of the intentioned use of color, shape and texture, I incorporate nature symbolically and figuratively, with its rhythm and movements to experience the magic of its perfect harmony awakening the collective unconscious of the sensations that only nature is able to transmit (peace, tranquility, strength, harmony, magic, etc.) In this way, I seek to provide the right energy to harmonize every space and the people who live there.

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Artist in Studio



Professional artist Jeannette Canale, Chilean/ Italian (1974), is a designer from Universidad del Pacífico where she received her MBA and completed postgraduate diplomas on Psycho Plastic, Jungian Psychology and Marketing.During her one-year stay in Bérgamo, Italy, she also complemented her studies with courses in gemstone therapy and geocrom therapy.


She has held exhibitions in places such as Mc Art Gallery ,NH Hotels, Hyatt Hotel, Laguna de Piedra Roja, and Hacienda Guay Guay in Chicureo.  At the same time, she is currently showing her work at Citiart.   Her work can also be seen in Galería La Argentina in Buenos Aires and in Studio26 Gallery in NYC, USA.

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She has participed in several international Art Fairs including Pinta London Fair Art 2014 (UK) Reino Unido, Miami Red Dot Art Fair 2014 (USA)  and The Asian Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong. China.


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June 2014 

Pinta London Fair Art 2014, London, United Kingdom


August 2014  

“Cristales, códigos y reflejos”, Hotel NH Ciudad de Santiago, Chile


September 2014    

“Think Blue”, Galería La Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina


November 2014

“Fantastic”, Studio26 Gallery Art, New York, USA


December 2014    

“La Bellezza dello Sguardo”, CC Scuola Italiana, Santiago de Chile


December 2014

Miami Red Dot Art Fair 2014, Miami,USA


March 2015  

Asian Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong, China


April 2015  

“Gallery Nights”, Buenos Aires, Argentina


May 2015  

“Noche de Ayudarte”, International Association Chile. Hotel W, Santiago de Chile



Claro de Luna 140 x 40



  • STUDIO 26 Gallery, New York, USA
  • Galería La Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • MC Art Gallery, Santiago de Chile