I was born in Sarajevo in 1977. When I was six years old I made my first success in painting when my drawing representing the children of Bosnia and Herzegovina was used during the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo in 1984. However, I remember the disappointment in that drawing when it was done – That drawing was different from the other kids drawings – it set me apart, when all I wanted was to be part of the crew, one of the guys. Still, they accepted my work so I felt accepted and somewhat special.”

I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 2005, and now I live and work in Belgrade (Serbia). I have been a member of “The Serbian Association of Fine Arts” since 2011. Early in my career I had five solo and multiple group art exhibitions. However, for the last few years I neglected the exhibition of my work, devoting myself instead to my creative process. Now I plan to be active showing my work and planning to do more art exhibitions.

As money for art in Serbia is not freely available (because there is none) I have to find sense and significance in the reactions of people, in their feedback, their praises and in their critiques.


“Paris”, 2013. Mixed Media/Canvas, 110cm x 100cm (43.3” x 39.4”)

Most of my paintings are oil on canvas, with exceptions of small number of collages. In viewing those paintings you can find how I interpret depressing optimism on canvas with my goal being to overcome the depression in full.   Symbolism is presented by combining black tones with very bright colours. Every painting has its starting point in jet black which in turn symbolically eats away the joy of the bright colours that will come as the painting progresses.

As the process goes further the pitch black is slowly blended away in the bright colours, that serve as a metaphor for spectacle, happiness, love and feel-good emotions. At the very end, the black is there as a reminder, but not as an open wound. The answer to my riddle is in answering the question of how to stay happy despite so many tragedies in the history of mankind and as they are followed the loves of individual humans.

“Party of conversation “, 2014 Oil/Canvas, 40cm x 60cm (15.7” x 23.6”)
The narrative here is not focused on one but on the many. It can be said that these paintings show  ‘everything from birth to war’, they show animals, wizards, street musicians, men in make-up and seductive girls. The paintings are visually clear, but in the search for their meaning you can ask again “What did the artist want to say?”. The subject is before the viewer, but I don’t say that I am right when I say something in my works!

These paintings are a good ally for me in my endeavours to be better, more grounded in the spiritual cognisance of self-improvement.  These paintings, when we observe them for longer periods of time, become “soul food”.  Playful and with bright colours with bold painting techniques negating their traumatic attitude even though they hint at tragedy. Some may say that that by itself is disappointing, some may say that it is encouraging.

“On a picnic” , 2014 Oil/Canvas, 40cm x 60cm (15.7” x 23.6”)


From the beginning, as in my early works, so it is today, my striving towards the figure is visible. They show in part or in full, the way in which the figures keep the peace and calm. Even when some elements seem dynamically strong, there are elements that keep the whole in peace, so the movement can be only felt as outside movement and not as the inner composition of the painting.

I started on this artistic journey inspired by the work of the  Giacometti. When I am thoroughly familiar and engrossed with my work, I move on and have no fear of wasting time by the trying of different painting ideas and technical solutions. That is now a process in which my admiration for many other artists can be clearly seen, but it is also a clear sign of a painter who is truly amazed by the being of art that is always reborn.



University of Arts in Belgrade
The first year of postgraduate studies, Theory of Art and Media, 2006 – 2007

Academy of Fine Arts in Banja Luka
Graphics art, 2005


Association of Fine Artists of Serbia
Member  2011 to Present


Momcilo’s artwork is now available online on




2016 |

“Art of the Exam,” Student Cultural Center, Belgrade


2015 |

International exhibition “Really – Surreal” Art Center, Belgrade, Serbia


International Festival of Arts Dev9t, Belgrade, Serbia


Collective exhibition “Belgrade, the city where I create” – Gallery Singidunum, Belgrade Serbia


Solo exhibition “The similarity of the existence” – The cafe gallery Friday, Belgrade, Serbia


Solo exhibition in boarding school “Petar Drapšin”, Belgrade, Serbia


2012 |

Solo exhibition “Experiment 6” – Gallery of the Cultural Vranic, Serbia


Independent of the exhibition “Experiment 4” – Gallery of the Cultural Barajevo, Serbia


2011 |

Solo exhibition “Experiment 2” – Gallery of Cultural Centre of Lazarevac,Serbia


Triennial of visual and experimental poetry “Reflection of the soul in time,” – Cultural Centre Valjevo, Serbia


2005 |

Collective exhibition “Names and Hope” – Youth House Gallery Belgrade, Serbia


2000 – 2005 |

Student collective exhibition of graphics and drawings in country and abroad


2001 |

Biennial of young artists from Europe and Mediterranean Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina



April 2016 | Solo exhibition (over 40 works) at the Cultural Centre Palilula Beograd
April 2017 | Solo exhibition  in Kombank Art Hall Gallery, Belgrade