Shalini Seereeram is an innovative artist who has been creating vibrant, undulating portraits of women and men for the past fifteen years of her career. Her technical style is informed by continuous lines, intricate patterns, swirls and dramatic contrast of colour within the picture plane depicting Indo-Caribbean culture.


Born in Trinidad in January 1972, Shalini has spent most of her life in a more remote setting surrounded by the scenic countryside. This provides a haven for her paintings which capture a sense of movement and particular posture from their characters. Though primarily self-taught, Shalini uses acrylics, oils, nail lacquer, collage and metal wire in her pieces at times like on old chattel windows. This is another medium of expression as it creates a completely new dimension to her work as soft lighting is used to convey the feel of stained-glass. She has also embodied techniques learnt in her study over the years of Graphic Design and Jewelry at John S. Donaldson Technical Institute (presently named UTT- University of Trinidad and Tobago John Donaldson Campus) where she excelled in the latter and was awarded a President’s medal in 1997.


As a painter, Shalini creates art from techniques that are largely considered illustrative and can be labeled her own style.  Her art is emotionally driven and reflect her enduring interest to unveil the mysteries of life through her own experiences.  In her last recent exhibitions, her images have become a bit more aggressive and fractured, more stained in terms of palette, with her signature colours playing off each other. She has been abstracting the shapes of arms, legs and her faces are becoming less and less about racial make-up as she endeavors to explore the beauty of unending line quality. She still enjoys patterns in fabric, as sari’s undulate and sarongs swish against the breeze. Twisting and contorting the body is something that she may continue to explore, as it seems to be a repetitive interest highlighted in her work.



“Since the start of my career in 1999, I have been creating vibrant, undulating portraits of people, particularly the female form. My style of drawing is informed by continuous line, intricate patterns, dramatic contrast of colour and sweeping visual narrative of geometric shapes.


My paintings usually embody the multi-facets of women as being sensual, beautiful and carefree. I strive to find fulfilment in the ability to translate these aspects on canvas from my imagination. I believe everyone goes through their personal journey in life. Drawing and painting are an essential part of mine and as a true artist these are like footprints left behind.”



Studied Graphic Design and Jewelry at John S. Donaldson Technical Institute (presently named UTT- University of Trinidad and Tobago, John Donaldson Campus)



Shalini has been consistently illustrating for children’s educational books, magazine spreads like Caribbean Airlines In-flight Magazine and was featured recently in ARC Magazine (Caribbean Art and Culture Publication), Caribbean Belle, MACO Caribbean Living and Express Woman. She is a featured artist in The Trinidad House of Angostura Gallery Book 2014 entitled ‘A Work of Art’ commemorating their 190th Anniversary. She is also featured in The National Museum and Art Gallery Book 2011 entitled ‘Women and Art: A Journey to the Past…Perspectives on the Future’. Her paintings have been exhibited throughout galleries in Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean Region and in the United States of America at the Organization of American States (OAS) Headquarters hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Washington D.C.




Jun 2015    

Intimate Moments II

Campbells Framing & Art Gallery, London


Nov 2014    

Intimate Moments

Y Art & Framing Gallery, T&T


Nov 2012  


Horizons Art & Framing Gallery, T&T


Dec 2010 


Y Art & Framing Gallery, T&T


Nov 2008  


Y Art & Framing Gallery, T&T


Aug 2006    

Rite of Passage II

O.A.S. Washington D.C., U.S.A


May 2006   

Rite of Passage I

Horizons Art & Framing Gallery, T&T


Sep 2004  

Essence of Gaia

101 Art Gallery, Art Society of Trinidad & Tobago, T&T


Oct 2003   

Recent Works

101 Tragarete Road Art Gallery, T&T


Sep 2002   


101 Tragarete Road Art Gallery, T&T


Jul 2002   

Inspiring Moments

The Art Gallery, Tobago W.I., T&T


Aug 2000  

Trini Doubles

Kirby Art Gallery, Barbados W.I., T&T


  • The Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Y Art & Framing Gallery
  • Caribbean Belle Magazine
  • Sean Drakes
  • Horizons Art Gallery


  • University of Trinidad and Tobago President’s Medal for Graphic Design and Jewellery – 1997