Suliet Oladokun Artist

Suliet Olakodun lives and works in London as an artist and musician.  She studied art throughout her secondary education and has continued to paint and exhibit while pursuing her music career.

Suliet Oladokun is of Nigerian, specifically Yoruba heritage. Both of her parents are Nigerian-born and raised and she incorporates her Nigerian ancestry into everything that she does.  It is a central part of her identity which she is proud of and embraces.

Her paintings express this through the rich colours, painting techniques and themes such as freedom, pride and the heart.  Her paintings contain symbology which is common in Nigerian culture, including the subject’s clothing and even hairstyle.

“My surname captures who I am and my family’s mindset. Oladokun means ‘wealth of limitless oceans so vast’ which means that your potential to succeed is limitless, you can achieve anything you want in life and there is no limit on what you can do.” – SO

Suliet is a young artist with a strong reputation for high quality, emotive art.  She is based near Canary Wharf  in the city and is well known in the area and in other UK cities for her distinctive style.

She creates portraits with an element of surrealism, using bold colour to convey particular emotions. Her preferred medium is generally acrylic on canvas, but she also works in pencil/oil pastel/chalk sketches and produces collages and small sculptures.         


“I would describe my work as ‘Art in Live Colour’. The purpose is to evoke an emotion and create an experience. I find that emotions are never experienced singularly, there is always a mix of emotions present.  Joy can be felt at the same time as anxiety and pain. My artwork allows the viewer to see a story unfold as different elements of the painting come to life.   My art is fluid and has a textured, three-dimensional effect which helps the viewer to create a backstory for the characters in my pieces.”





  • 2015    Wahaca, Brixton, London UK (2015- present)
  • 2015   Make It Happen, Tottenham, London, UK
  • 2011    Lubanna, Bethnal Green, London UK
  • 2008   Mile End Gallery, Mile End, London, UK

My Heart remix

Black Knight