Celestial Flowers


Celestial Flowers


Artist Name: Shalini Seereeram
Date Created: 2015
Size : 76 x 36 x 4 cm
Materials/Media: Oil on Canvas
Theme/Genre: Contemporary
Country of Origin: Trinidad and Tobago

Shalini Seereeram PortraitArtist Name: Shalini Seereeram

Date Created: 2015

Size : 76 x 36 x 4 cm

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Theme: Contemporary Figurative

Country: Trinidad & Tobago

Shalini Seereeram, Trinidad and Tobago

Shalini Seereeram is an innovative Trinidadian artist who has been creating vibrant, undulating portraits of women and men for the past fifteen years of her career. Her technical style is informed by continuous lines, intricate patterns, swirls and dramatic contrast of colour within the picture plane depicting Indo-Caribbean culture.

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Situated off the northeast coast of South America, the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago lies at the south of the West Indian archipelago close to the Venezuelan coast. Trinidad, the larger island, is crossed from east to west by a mountain range which is an extension of the Andes. Tobago is much smaller and has a central, volcanic mountain range. The islands of Trinidad and Tobago cover an area of 5,128 sq km (1,981 sq mi) and have an estimated population of 1.34 million. Every culture is unique, but Trinidad is doubly special because of the number of cultural traditions that have been preserved and cross-pollinated by generations of migrants from all over the world, all in one small island. This makes Trinidad constantly abuzz …[read more]


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