Mona Doll


Mona Doll


Artist: Dragon Ken

Title: Mona Doll

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 60 cm x 70 cm (without packaging)

Country: Hong Kong

Title of Work: Mona Doll
Date Created: 2013
Price (£): £4,400
Dimensions W x H x D (cm) – without packaging: 50 cm x 70 cm
Description: Leonardo Da Vinci‘s masterpiece ‘ Mona Lisa’ is one of the most influential paintings to me and I cannot stop studying his painting mode of ‘sfumato’.

Though this famous painting has been copied and re-created for many times over the world,

I still hope to take the chance of ‘Hong Kong Creative Art Association Crossover Exhibition’ to re-create this masterpiece by combining renaissance and surrealism together.

The process brought me another chance of learning. During the preparation of this exhibition, my students and I re-created some of the famous paintings.

We painted together, we studied together and we learned from each other.

The process is more memorable than the final artwork, to me.

Materials/Media:  Oil colour on canvas
Framed: Canvas on wooden frame

Dragon Ken, Hong Kong

Finding inspiration from traditional Chinese Art, I focus on works of art that explore the complex relationship between culturally specific issues and larger developments of a modern/post-modern age.

Within this context, I am trying appropriating and transforming both conventional Chinese aesthetic idioms and contemporary Western vocabularies to negotiate the cultural differences between past and present, self and other.

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Hong Kong is not in the same league as New York, the global capital of the contemporary art market with its Top 10 hammer prices in the contemporary segment adding up to US$183.1 million, double London’s total and almost six times the value of Hong Kong’s Top 10. Hong Kong is now the world’s third-largest art market by auction sales. Unlike the other art capitals’ rankings, Hong Kong’s is not dominated by Jean-Michel Basquiat; in fact, to date, none of Basquiat’s works has ever sold there.  Hong Kong buys and sells Chinese. However the Hong Kong Contemporary art market is decidedly high-end with an entry ticket of US$1.288 million (Yue Minjun). Top 10 : the 10 best auction results for works of Contemporary art in Hong Kong between …[read more]


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